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Special moments are made memorable with delicious food! We at Go Biryan understand the value that a good assortment of delectable food holds. Our creativity and innovation is presented beautifully in every plate and every food that we serve. We have efficient and value added services and packages for your convenience.
Go Biryan offers you a magical food experience, along with a fairy tale like ambience, that will make you feel like you are in a dream. The Go Biryan kitchen presents you with the rich tasting, authentic and flavoursome cuisines. You can experience the deliciousness of North Indian, Mughlai with every bite of our food. Welcome yourself to Go Biryan, whenever you want to enjoy quality time with quality food.



Bulk-e-BIRyan is the delicious Mughlai answer to each time you're looking at throwing a grand feast. So, the next time a small nation lands up at your doorstep, you know whom to call! ( Because who doesn't love authentic Biryani? )

Biryani By The Kilo

What We Cook : 1 kg long-grained rice, along with 1 kg of boneless Meat/Paneer/Vegetables, seasoned with exotic spices as per Birbal's secret recipe and cooked on Dum ( slow fire cooking that packs in that extra punch. )
What You Get : 4 kgs of Biryani ( any from our Biryani selection ) which serves 8-10 people depending on how hungry you are.


Tender leg of baby lamb slow cooked to perfection, enriched with our secret spice recipe served with biryani rice or as a gravy. Serves 4-6.

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